Orange Pathways Cushion Cover



Cushion cover made from upcycled clothing and sheet fabrics such as wool, linen, silk, and cotton. This hand-decorated item covers a pillow (not included) that measures 12″ x 12″.

Process: For each cushion cover, I covered a square piece of cotton sheet fabric by sewing down (crazy patchwork) pieces of wool, linen, silk, and cotton in various shades of a colour. This square then served as a base for decorating with all sorts of colourful handstitching which I LOVED doing: glass beadwork, couched yarn, crocheted yarn, glass bead embroidery, sequins, and thread embroidery. After decorating, I lined the back of the square with another square of cotton, and sewed the square to two rectangles of upcycled cotton or linen to form an envelope opening for the cushion cover. Lots of enjoyable time went into this process, and I think of these cushion covers as Jewels for the Home. Put one or two on your couch or on your bed, and enjoy the pops of colour and sparkle as you go about your day!


12 inches by 12 inches
envelope opening
gently spot-clean or hand-wash only


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