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I’m here to infuse your world with bold colours, wild design, and glitzy sparkle! If you are looking for handmade, textured, one-of-a-kind accessories and home decor created from upcycled natural fabrics, you’re in the right place. I make each item myself, and every detail is intended to delight your eye and brighten your life.

I’ve always been drawn to the performance and visual arts. I spent a few years involved in creative movement stage productions and classes. Fibre and textiles and the hand skills that go along with them have been with me since childhood. I also love playing with paper, paint, coloured pencils, and markers. You can get more of a sense of my story herehere, and here (this last one will open in a new tab). As well, my blog will contain more stories as time goes on. Sign up for my newsletter to receive these future stories and more! But suffice it to say, I LOVE bringing colourful creations into existence, so that you can remember that the world is still beautiful.

I’ve lived in several places, but spent the majority of my growing up years in Maine. I met my now-husband during what was supposed to be just a three-month stay in Ontario. Canada became my new home, and in 1996 we settled in Nova Scotia to be near the ocean. I homeschooled my two now-young-adult children and exercised creative thinking while acquiring skills in teaching and frugality. I guess you could say I live a handmade life! For questions about how I can help you, contact me!

sample cushion covers and pillowcases handmade by a Nova Scotia creator crafter designer
View samples of previous cushion covers.
sample handmade wrist bags, cross-body bags, tote bags with upcycled fabrics and appliqued decoration by Nova Scotia maker
View samples of previous bags.
samples of eclectic and colourful handmade upcycled wool and suede mittens
View samples of previous mittens.
samples of eclectic sunhats, winter hats, and spring hats in crocheted and sewn styles
View samples of previous hats.
samples of hand-drawn hand-coloured mixed media cards
View samples of previous cards.
sample drawings and paintings of flowers and mandala by Nova Scotia maker
View samples of previous artwork.
samples of colourful handmade eclectic flower fabric and yarn brooches
View samples of previous brooches.

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