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Welcome to My New(er) Site!

From 2013 until 2021, I blogged here. When I started this new site in January 2022, I was not able to smoothly migrate my blog posts to the blog area here. You can read many posts at that link for a background on my past creative works. They’re full of photos and descriptions of my work. As well, if you look at the home section of the old site, scroll down to below the comment area. There you can search for posts based on category, key word, and/or tags. I’ve streamlined the search areas to make it a pleasant search and read experience for you!

Meanwhile, here on this new site, I’ll still be blogging! I’ll also be setting up a newsletter you can subscribe to for new blog post notifications and other news. I also still need to make final decisions on what will go on the blog and what will go in the newsletter. I’m looking forward to creating content you’ll enjoy, and sharing my artistic journey with you!

As well, I now have an online shop of my own! Soon I will be filling it with listings of all the very colourful and decorated cashmere mittens, bags, and cushion covers I have in stock.

OK, stay tuned for more, as I keep getting things set up in this space! Feel free to comment below and sign up for my newsletter. Thank you!

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