Sparkling Rose Beaded Earrings



These beaded earrings feature red beads surrounded by smaller red beads woven around them. The large beads have a coating that add extra rainbow vibes to the look. As a whole, these earrings remind me of roses touched by morning dew! These earrings are lightweight on the ear, and a dab of glue secures them in the curve of the ear wires. These sparkling bead columns swing freely, to add to your carefree look. In our complicated world, putting artistic touches wherever we can brings smiles to people’s faces. It’s one reason I love wearing blingy earrings such as these.

Process: This is yet another form of handstitching, which is meditative to me. I simply thread beads together into geometric patterns and add jewelry components such as jump rings and ear wires. I use transparent colourful beads which allow light to pass through and produce sparkle.


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