Rainsong Flower Brooch



The Rainsong Flower Brooch features a lush crocheted spiral of petals that can be flattened or fluffed as desired.  The celestial beaded centre radiates sunny rainbows.  This grapelike beauty can be pinned to a jacket, a scarf, a bag, or whatever you care to decorate; to add joy to your eye as you go about your day or evening.

I created this as part of a series of ten flower brooches in spring 2022.  During a very difficult time, I wanted a small creative project to work on. I chose a cream cotton yarn to use for the centre and foundation, then this purple with its pink undertones for the petals.  As I crocheted and sewed the various parts, my mind relaxed from seeing a beautiful whole arise from hundreds of individual hand stitches.

Let me know if you are its new owner; it’s waiting for you here in Nova Scotia.  Every time you wear it, may you think of the healing power of hand-stitching.

Measurements:  10 cm (3.5 inches) diameter

Back:  Recycled suede fabric attached to the pin and the flower back with strong glue


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