Green Yellowflower Headhugger Hat



This adult-sized pine green hat wraps your head in a gentle hug, with its soft 100% cotton crocheted fabric.  The bright yellow flower adds a pop of colour; the combination will gather compliments from other artistic colour lovers as you go about your daily activities!  A hidden tie, woven around the edge with its ends tucked under the back, will allow you to adjust the hat to fit your head for your individual comfort. This beautiful hat is suitable for spring, summer, and fall (and winter if you live closer to the equator than I do!).

I first learned to crochet-in-the-round in 2009 or so (besides having learned in my childhood of the late 1970s to make granny squares).  I was so excited to figure this out, because then I could do continuous crochet instead of joining granny squares to make them.  I crocheted MANY hats during that time, and sold a lot of them in 2010 and 2011 at craft shows.  This love of crocheting hats continues, as I find it so much fun to pick out a colour from my cotton yarn stash, get lost in the stitching process (so many designs are possible!), and then decide what fun and funky embellishment to attach to the hat.

Care:  Wash by hand in lukewarm water and gentle detergent.  Rinse thoroughly, gently squeeze water out.  Avoid stretching the hat.  Wrap gently and in its original shape in a towel to get more water out.  Arrange on a rack to dry, gently molding it to its original shape.


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