orange crocheted beaded flower brooch

PTSD: My Personal Experience

I used to think Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) mostly happened to military people. Then weeks after my daughter’s accident last year, I started experiencing weird things. I would hear a siren and start panicking, complete with rapid breathing and crying. While driving back and forth to the hospital, we’d sometimes drive right over the accident …

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Watercolour Painted Metallic Roses on Black Paper

The Healing Power of Painting with Watercolour

Another activity that has helped me through these past months is trying watercolour painting. I had a small palette of watercolour paints that I occasionally dug out to play with. But when Christmas 2021 rolled around and I received gift money, I bought a complete Winsor and Newton watercolour set. October to February were especially …

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Light Teal Cream Mosaic Knit Dishcloth

Ode to the Knit Dishcloth

O, Knit Dishcloth, I adore youLaced with loosely locking loops!How you’ve kept me sane these past months,Paced by stitching forms in groups.Knit and slip, I follow instructions;Trying to keep my mind busy.Colours keep singing, making oneGrateful for your company. Partly for fun, partly for relief; I wrote the above poem a few weeks ago. You …

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