Bag Samples

sample handmade wrist bags, cross-body bags, tote bags with upcycled fabrics and appliqued decoration by Nova Scotia maker

(click photo to enlarge) This is a sample of the many tote, wrist, and cross-body bags I’ve made. I use upcycled natural fabrics such as cotton (from vintage sheets – Wabasso patterns are my favourite!), linen, silk, cashmere, wool, and suede. Each bag pattern is my own. Each bag is unique; no two designs are copied. When designing a new one, I first decide on what type of bag to make. Then I sift through my fabric collections and scraps, deciding which ones I want to put together. Sometimes I go with various pieces in one colour; sometimes I combine various colours. After that, I decide how I want to embellish parts of the bag by digging through my collections of beads, yarns, sequins, and fabric scraps. This is the most fun part, where I get to be super creative in designing motifs!

Bags I’ve Made in the Past
Bags Currently Waiting for New Owners!

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